I'm Naomi.

A multi-disciplinary artist based out of Saint John, New Brunswick. With over 10 years experience in Toronto and Atlantic Canada.

From humble


I've never been great with words, but I have always been fascinated by visual communication. When I picked up my first camera in high school I finally felt able to fully express myself. I grew up in a small town on Prince Edward Island, and I would spend my days running barefoot among the trees that grew on my family's farm. I would sit high up in the branches and watch the light trickling through the leaves. It was beautiful. My father would often watch Bob Ross re-runs on old VHS tapes, studying his process. You could find me curled up beside him taking in the happy trees and beautiful colours.

Creating authentic imagery.

At eighteen, I moved to Toronto. My inspiration shifted quickly to the many faces I would see each day. I love meeting new people, finding what moves them, listening to their stories. These faces would often show up in my portrait work. After a decade of city life, I returned to the Maritimes wanting a slower pace and to be closer to nature. I've struck a rewarding balance in my work the past couple of years, one that emphasizes the magnetic energy people bring to a concept and the stunning environments all around them. I strive to create work that evokes something you can connect with; something you can feel.